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Raison: Skyrim AU Yucchan by funakounasoul
Raison: Skyrim AU Yucchan
Others in this series: Miko | Pan


Next in the Skyrim AU is New Cast favorite, Yucchan! (and Rie, technically)

Yucchan’s stuff, while technically being playing on Skyrim, is headcanoned to happen over 10 years after the events of the actual game. Miko is definitely situated in her spot in the College as Arch-Mage, for example, and Pan’s probably made a name for herself as a Companion and part-time merc. It’s still an uneasy time in Skyrim, though. Regardless of what position I decide to “win” in the Civil War for the sake of the AU, the Thalmor are still very much a threat in general, but the focus in Yucchan’s stuff is more on basic adventure (even her game file hasn’t even touched the main quest, civil war, any dlc, nothing. Just Thieves’ Guild and I’m pretending THAT quest is over for the sake of next week’s character’s info!) Her file is basically my fooling-around file :P

And yes, she really does have an enchanted chef’s hat. That was done as a joke but it looked so good on her…xD

Raison Snippets 008: Ancientwear by funakounasoul
Raison Snippets 008: Ancientwear

Me and the Chatzy friends are doing some goofy OC practice ideas. We started off the year with just looking up old catalogs for fashion ideas....and I decided to put this under Raison Snippets because it feels like one (except not in 4koma format)!

Mine was actually provided by one of my friends, who said he could see my OCs definitely wearing these outfits (the two outer pics are what I used…they even have NKP-friendly color choices!). While my friends were probably expecting Miko in the picture, I decided to take a different route - PresentDay!Miko has picked out some vintage outfits for the Clan to wear for a day! This is all HER fault!

Route 216 by funakounasoul
Route 216

Doing the Pokemon Challenge over on my Tumblr account, and today’s topic (music) re-inspired me to draw an image that was once in my head long ago while playing Pearl.

Best enjoyed when listening to the route’s actual music, nighttime edition.

(and yes, I know she's wearing her Platinum outfit, but really, it makes more sense in this area than her original outfit!)

Raison: Skyrim AU Pan by funakounasoul
Raison: Skyrim AU Pan
Others in this series: Miko | Yucchan


Moving a few incentives around, Pan is our next Skyrim AU person! I know people love Pan, even if she’s kinda a minor character right now, but I can’t disappoint!

Her story can start at any point, really. She was bandit for her adolescence, even if the Great War was happening, and Sachiko’s her main interaction…well once we hit a certain point in the timeline.

Raison - Gotta Have My Snacks by funakounasoul
Raison - Gotta Have My Snacks

I never forgot that one poll, Raison fans. With 60% of the vote, and just inching her way past the runner up (and her BFF), Yucchan is the favorite among the newer OCs!

And to celebrate….oh, well it looks like she’s already celebrating with one of her favorite snacks. One of the big korokke from her favorite snack stand…that specializes in supersized snacks. One time her mom took her there, and it’s now pretty much their hangout whenever there’s mom-daughter time. Even when her mom’s busy, though, Yucchan can be seen grabbing a snack after school with friends.

What can she say - she REALLY likes their potato and veggie (yasai) korokkes. Good snacks. Very good~



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United States
Just some random, small Mexican chick who happens to love yuri, video games, classic anime, music, and...well, art.

Full-time worker at a fast food joint that's actually pretty decent! It gives me time to focus on my art as an outlet for ideas and storytelling without being drained all the time of stress and time.

I'm also pretty much a fave-and-runner. I just don't normally have anything to say unless something REALLY inspires me. Because of that, though, I don't mind fave-and-runs on my work. Hey, you like my work, that's just as good!

vv (from the old deviantART days...I can't believe these stats are still here!) vv

Current Residence: New Hampshire (born and raised in Kansas, though)
Favourite genre of music: Everything but country and modern rap (old-school hip hop is ok) BUT I do love select genres...
Favourite style of art: Anything really, but my style's a mix of anime and stuff I've learned over the years
Operating System: Windows 8.1 ....yay...
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Hey everyone, how's it going? Well not too gopd for me. I'll just summarize what I said over on the comic's page since I'm typing this on my phone:

Due to piling stress involving scheduled stuff, I decided to put the comic on a week and a half hiatus so I can unwind and also draw other stuff I've been meaning to draw. The comic WILL resume Feb 2, though!

In the meantime, I set up a fan poll of what people want to see me redraw from the old days. Here's the link to the page with the candidates ->… You guys can vote, too :3 Just reply here or send a note!

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