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Look out for something on that day, Raison fans :3

One-year anniversary!
Raison Snippets 003 by funakounasoul
Raison Snippets 003

Another Thursday, another incentive ready to be made public after about 2 months-ish!

....And we get to BARE IT ALL today.

BARE. IT. ALL. (warning, implied yuri...but it's me so yeah :P)

Raison: SachiMiko Swapped Outfits by funakounasoul
Raison: SachiMiko Swapped Outfits
Did another pic for that OCTP Challenge. Actually colored this one, too! This one was apparently Day 8's theme. The comic's not had much to show in terms of clothing I plan to give the girls, but I can say that these outfits are their defaults. Even some later outfits I have planned as they get older still follow the basic formula that these two outfits have. Sachiko likes wearing jackets and unbuttoned shirts over thinner, sometimes straps/sometimes shorter sleeved shirts underneath. And pants. Miko, on the other hand, likes clothing you could consider "retro" and likes skirts. And hats.

Now let's swap the clothes!

Miko looks pretty cool, actually! Sachiko, meanwhile, doesn’t do dresses. Or skirts. The only time she allows it is for school, and even then she wears shorts underneath them.


Raison: Curious Rie by funakounasoul
Raison: Curious Rie
Now that that 4koma's been made public, it's about time I get this "itch" taken care of.

The itch of wanting to draw Rie in her fox form xD
Raison Snippets 002 by funakounasoul
Raison Snippets 002
It’s time to reveal another one of the old Raison incentives. We’re still learning about the Present Day girls - this one’s about Ri-chan!


funakounasoul's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just some random, small Mexican chick who happens to love yuri, video games, classic anime, music, and...well, art.

Full-time worker at a fast food joint that's actually pretty decent! It gives me time to focus on my art as an outlet for ideas and storytelling without being drained all the time of stress and time.

I'm also pretty much a fave-and-runner. I just don't normally have anything to say unless something REALLY inspires me. Because of that, though, I don't mind fave-and-runs on my work. Hey, you like my work, that's just as good!

vv (from the old deviantART days...I can't believe these stats are still here!) vv

Current Residence: New Hampshire (born and raised in Kansas, though)
Favourite genre of music: Everything but country and modern rap (old-school hip hop is ok) BUT I do love select genres...
Favourite style of art: Anything really, but my style's a mix of anime and stuff I've learned over the years
Operating System: Windows 8.1 ....yay...
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Look out for something on that day, Raison fans :3

One-year anniversary!

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