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Raison: Miko and Sachi Wallpaper by funakounasoul
Raison: Miko and Sachi Wallpaper

I got a special treat to those who read Raison! A little neat wallpaper featuring the two girls we're all learning about! It's 1920 x 1080 px (my monitor's size) but if you want me to customize it, you can always send me a Note :3

And pretty quick here, we'll be seeing the beginnings of Chapter 2. If you've bookmarked or followed the page (link for the curious), you should see it soon, but I'll be uploading the title page in a few days here as well. So exciting~

Let's Draw Us - Rin and Yucchan ver by funakounasoul
Let's Draw Us - Rin and Yucchan ver
Let's Draw Us - SachiMiko ver


The first chapter of Raison is just about to end (or IS over, depending on when you see this), and as a semi-celebration, I decided to revisit the idea of characters drawing themselves with two other characters that are now pretty recognizable in the story. This upload is more about the character development than the style, really.

Rin (on left) is her past self because I wanted to draw her that way xD 
It's Cold Outside by funakounasoul
It's Cold Outside
It's already snowing in most of the Continental US....Better make sure you stay warm!

...I'm staying warm by drawing fluff xD
Doki Doki Precure: Humanized Beach Scene by funakounasoul
Doki Doki Precure: Humanized Beach Scene

Humanized another scene with the DokiPre fairies since people really liked the first one!

This one I wanted to do originally, but I also wanted to draw their postures from the carrot lecture, so a coin toss was done and the lecture won. Now it’s THIS scene’s turn!

This one’s from episode 22.



funakounasoul's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just some random, small Mexican chick who happens to love yuri, video games, classic anime, music, and...well, art.

Full-time manager at a fast food joint that's actually pretty decent! It gives me time to focus on my art as an outlet for ideas and storytelling without being drained all the time of stress and time.

I'm also pretty much a fave-and-runner. I just don't normally have anything to say unless something REALLY inspires me. Because of that, though, I don't mind fave-and-runs on my work. Hey, you like my work, that's just as good!

vv (from the old deviantART days...I can't believe these stats are still here!) vv

Current Residence: Oklahoma (born and raised in Kansas, though)
Favourite genre of music: Everything but country and modern rap (old-school hip hop is ok) BUT I do love select genres...
Favourite style of art: Anything really, but my style's a mix of anime and stuff I've learned over the years
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
How's it going, everyone? I've been pretty busy myself in the past few weeks.

For one, getting my comic off the ground (click here and bookmark!). The prologue's almost over now, so the REAL adventures will begin in two weeks! I hope you have been enjoying it so far, even if it's in expository mode and the only recognizable character's been Rin all this time xD But the setting was made as a prologue for a reason~

Another thing that's happened is that I've had to move out of my old place with little now I'm getting used to some brand new surroundings. Instead of Oklahoma, I'm now in New Hampshire! QUITE a distance xD Still unpacking things at this time, too! Not to mention job hunts and the like. At least we got some help from Leigh's family. Family is always good!
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